Intex Mariner 4 Person Inflatable Boat

For the cost, it is pretty difficult to argue with this inflatable vessel that's room for lots of people, equipment, and mounted gear.

Overall I think that it's a small improvement over the Excursion 5 because it includes rugged and durable 3-ply structure and also a slightly smaller framework. Having a reduced footprint that the ship can hold more solidly in shape and function.

I really like that they feature the strengthened rock and abrasion guard round the inflatable hull.

It is engineered and outfitted to take care of a little transom trolling motor that mounts around preinstalled holes on the outside of the inflatable boat.

Due to the lightweight nature of the ship and comparatively brief frame, it produces a fantastic candidate for a tiny electric trolling motor.

If you'd like a boat that may float using a bunch of individuals or take you along with your buddy fishing for the day, this is the finest inflatable boat for the price that could wear all the hats!

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